Yogurt Dessert

1800g granulated sugar
1500g water
1 lemon juice
Ingredients (20 portions)
400g flour
400g confectioner's sugar
400g semolina
9 eggs
30g baking powder
400g ITIMAT yogurt

Preparation of ;

Invite 20 people or adjust the ingredients according to the number of guests. Take a big mixing bowl, add all the ingredients into the bowl. Heat your oven to 180 degrees at this moment since your hands will be inside this mixture soon. Mix all the ingredients, pour the mixture into a deep tray, and put inside the hot oven. Don't be happy yet thinking that it is over, there is still the syrup. Add sugar, water, and lemon juice inside a pan that is big enough, and boil. A pan that is not big enough would be challenging, but it is up to you :) Bake your dessert for 20 minutes, take it out, pour the syrup over. Decorate with coconut or hazelnut powder, and leave it to rest.